teacher writing on a chalkboard A reader recently asked for some directions to links I’ve mentioned in the education pack. Hopefully this will help:

Literature in a Hypermedia Mode: An interview with Marjorie Luesebrink” by Thomas Swiss

Electronic Literacies” by Caitlin Fisher

Examining a Picture” by Dr. Martha Driver

On Gold and Silver Ages and the Elements of Hypertext” by Jennifer Ley

Hypertext and the Art of Memory” by Janine Wong and Peter Storkerson

Narratology: A Guide to the Theory of Narrative” by Manfred Jahn

How the Relationship Between Soundtrack and Image Contributes to the Meaning of the Documentary ” by filmmaker and journalist, Fatmir Terziu

“The Sounding Image: About the Relationship Between Art and Music-An Art-Historical Retrospective View” by Barbara John

Hypertextualizing Autobiography” by Laura Sullivan

The Bildungsroman Genre” by Suzanne Hader


Name: Brittni Driver

School or Institution: Minnesota Public Schools

Country: United States

Message: Wow, this was a very interesting production! Excellent work and innovation. I’ve never seen anything like this!