Name: Brenda

Country: Australia

Message: hi there

I think your creation is amazing. Big claps from my end!

BUT I can not get past Home Town in Episode 4 – there is nothign to click on to move forward – it does not seem like the end of the episode.

Any ideas?



Name: Eliza Graumlich

Country: United States

Message: Hey, great stories! I love the creative style, very unique and modern, I’ve never seen anything like it before. One question: where do you get your graphics? Do you take the pictures yourself ? I’m just curious as I’m a photographer myself and the pictures are always very well done and I’d like to know who they’re by. =]

– eliza

Name: TBA Afiouni

Message: Hi!

Wow! I really like your games/stories, especially the second one and the newly released fourth one. I was just wondering if there are flash files or downloadable files for the stories, instead of playing them only on the internet.


Name: Angela Anderson

School or Institution: St Monica’s College, Epping Melbourne

Country: Australia

Message: Hello,
I have introduced Inanimate Alice to a number of our year 7, 8 & 9 classes in our secondary college. It has been received with much interest.

Unfortunately though when two classes have tried to get the students to access Episode 3 Russia it will not open for them, even though episode 1 & 2 do. Can you suggest why this happens?
I need to try to sort it out asap as I have invited our Principal to join a forthcoming class in another week or so so he can observe the students experiencing this exciting digital form of fiction.

Could you also advise me when episode 4 will be released?

Angela Anderson
Senior Librarian
Pamela Coyne Library
St Monica’s College, Epping, Victoria, Australia

Name: Lois Johnson

School or Institution: St Mary’s CE Primary, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 7BR

Country: England

Message: Brilliant, innovative resource which thoroughly engages children. If ‘click’ to ‘read only’ how do you get the interactive games back? I would use extracts to discuss style of narrative, emotions and ‘what could happen next?’ from the first three episodes.