Mrs Raman's Cool Kids!Name – Kree Raman

Institution – Kelvin Road School

Country – New Zealand

Website –

Age group/year/subject – 8 – 10 years Grade 4/Grade 5


Everyday after lunch I read a chapter of a novel to my students. My class is coming to the end of our reading of Charlotte’s Web and I was searching the web for an exciting digital book. I want to use Inanimate Alice as part of my reading programme in terms 3 and 4.

INANIMATE ALICE looks like an incredible interactive and animated digital chapter book that will keep my students motivated in Reading. I will be using the data projector with surround sound.


Name – Matthew Gale

Institution – St Benedict’s Junior School

Country – UK

Website –

Age group/year/subject – Year 5

Primary purpose – Exploration

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Name: Paul Wilkinson

School or Institution: Freeville School

Country: New Zealand

Message: Oh my goodness! This is just stunning. What an inspiration. Thank you.

Comment from Lisa, USA

July 11, 2008

Name: Lisa

Country: USA

Message: I enjoyed the whole concept. Watching “China” was really fun. Getting to know the characters and not knowing what to expect was exciting. The drawings and pictures were a wonderful mix and just the thought of what one can take from inception to final in 2008 is fantastic. Thanks.

Name: Angela Anderson

School or Institution: St Monica’s Secondary College, Epping Melbourne Victoria

Country: Australia


Can you tell me about the Ba xi Alice uses? Is it a made up device? Is it the equivalent to an iphone? I would like to have more information so I can explain a ba-xi to the students I am introducing the site to next week.

My thanks, once again for your help and support.

Angela Anderson