Teacher and Student Feedback

September 17, 2008

Recently we’ve been receiving some awesome feedback from teachers and students reading Inanimate Alice. The latest comes from Kris Fontez at Union City Middle School. He says:

My students are really enjoying your story! When will another episode be ready?”

That’s great new Kris! We’re glad your students are enjoying Alice’s stories.

Kris also encouraged her students to respond to Alice via e-mail! Here are some comments that Alice shared with us:

“Alice, I enjoy all the stories you have made so far. I wish you could finish all the rest of the stories because the stories are great. I really like the hand held player in the stories. Brody”

“I really liked your program and i cant wait until episodes 5-10 comes out please make them as good as the other ones. One thing i liked was the music. Thanks from your fan.”

“Alice, When will the next story be out? I like the music, sound effects, and the games you put on there. Hope you write back.
Thanks, Jaelynn”

“Dear Alice, I have been watching your shows in art class. I love how you make every thing sound so real. In episode 4 I think it shows that you should not do evrything your friends tell you to. I really enjoy these clips. I always look forword to art class each day because I like them so much. And I am very excited to see episode five. Kaylee”

“Alice, Hi I really like the stories. I think they are really cool. My fave thing about them is the stories are kinda like mysteries and i really like mysteries.I really like the player and the musterious music andalso I hope that the new one will be here soon. I really really like the games my friend and I try to get them finished in art class but dont have time to finish them but I really like the games. THANK YOU so much and i hope a new one will be out soon. VICTORIA”

“Alice, i really liked your story i thought that it was awsome i can’t wait for your next one. i liked the music and the graphics the best.thanks jacob.”

“Allice, Your story is very awesome. I love the way you use your player and how you made brad up!! I also like the way you use the music. It sounds like something scarry is going to come up when the musicstarts! I like all of your houses you have had in the last 5 episodes. I realy like your house with the pool because it looked like a HOT tubb. All of your freinds are cool excpecialy the friend that has the towel around her head!! The last thing i like about your episodes is your games and your player!!Michaela!”

“Alice, I like your stories. I like the music and I like your player. It is fun when I get to play the games. The stories are fun to read. I thought Brad was cool too. you should keep making more stories. Patrick”

“Alice I liked your stories. I liked the handhold player I thought it was cool. I also liked the music and the sound effects. I thought Brad was cool too.
Limas Wheeler”

“Alice, I enjoy the music,sound effects,and stories from inanimate Alice. I really mostly liked the hand held player and the games. thanks for the stories and I hope that inanimate Alice eposode 5 comes soon. thanks again. your viewer, Tyler”

“I really like all of the webasods i can,t choose one cause they are all apsalutly fabulas. I like to know when there will be more. i really like the grafics and music. Without them the story would not be the same your stoys have a lot of axpretion to them keep them coming.
your reader
any one who dose notlike your story are totaly WERD!”

“Alice, I really liked your story from Russia. I like the backround music you play because it makes me want to jump to the next slide to see what is going to happen.When is your next vidio? My favorite part was when you got to hide in the closet. Thank you, Nicole”

“Alice, I really really enjoy your story, i liked the music, and the player. I am excited to see your next story!! They are so fun to read. The part when Alice is in the closet, and your mom opens the doors is very scarry!! Do you know what your next one will be about? My class is very excited to see what you come up with!! Thank you, Jena”

“Dear, alice i really like your vidioes and your sound effects are almost like it is very scarey like someone is dieing or somthing.i really liked that you put a different color player every episode. why on number4 did you say that the kids in school are almost better than the ones that you would make on the player? anyways i think you were really creative with your things like with a friend that you could talk to that you made on your player.i think that you should actually make these a little bit longer and put them as a dvd or a vhs because they would be watched all the time because they are so very interesting you could even leave them how they are and put them on one of those things.why don’t you make it where we can see the people when they are talking and why don’t you let us see your parents when they are driving the vehicles.you are such a really good auther and if you could make some more because i would be on the computer every day just watching your stuff because you are so cool.how do you get the sound effects in there as you are typing. how can you make the sentences do the movements without not being able to see what you wrote.i would really like to be able to do the cool things that you do because it is just so cool.is there really a player by that name? Heather”

“Dear Alice, I relly like your short movies. And espcilly epsode 4 hometown and how. brad helps you.And the design of the player. we love your movies Alexis”

“Dear Alice is thar ever going to be a stoe wen you aer 18? I hope you do.
Your frend ron”

“Dear Alice, when are you gonna make a new show they were really awsome exspecially when you get to play the games. How do you even make them I mean that will be hard,you must take alot of time. Thanks,Marissa”

“Dear Alice, I love your shows. When will your new episode be ready? I like that it was a little scarey cuz I like scarey things. I have alot in common with Alice because I move alot too. Thanks

“Alice, I like your skits and I like the last skit and the games the most.The music is cool I like how the music matches the culture. I hope the other books are good as the ones we have already read. thanks, sam”


Comment from Lisa Smith, USA

September 12, 2008

Name: Lisa Smith

Country: USA


I somehow came across Alice’s stories this morning while browsing thru games at the Nancy Drew site. I was drawn in- I very much appeciate this story. When I was young it seems all the stories I learned were fairy tales and princess stories where the children are led to believe it’s all happily ever after.etc. The world has changed so much since I was young, and children feel the distance between themselves and children in other countries and cultures is only as far away as the computer in their bedroom. That’s why I love these stories of yours- such a great balance, realistic- I think children growing up with stories such as these will be much better prepared for the real world. As a regular book this would be a great story, too-And of course this medium is so intense! Thanks, this was a great way to spend my morning!

Name: Sue Hellman

School or Institution: White Rock Learning Centre

Country: Canada


I teach in a small alternative secondary school near Vancouver, Canada. This looks really interesting. I think my students would love to work with it.

Do they have to use the devices? or can we work on PC’s? Exactly what am I buying if I purchase iStories?