European e-Skills Week highlights the growing demand for skilled ICT users and professionals to drive a competitive and innovative Europe. This exciting campaign seeks to inform students, young professionals and SMEs about the vast range of opportunities that ICT-related jobs present.

Throughout the coming months, public authorities, ICT companies, education institutions and students will engage in hundreds of activities, training events, competitions and much more. The awareness campaign will culminate in a dedicated European e-Skills Week from 1 to 5 March 2010.

This ground breaking initiative of the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry is coordinated by DIGITALEUROPE and European Schoolnet in conjunction with twenty national partners.

Translated into twenty two EC languages- from English to Bulgarian to Slovenian and more, the piece on Inanimate Alice focused on Alice’s ability to transcend borders and classification. Housed in the “Games” section of the E-Skills site and a write-up that focuses on iTeach and Inanimate Alice’s diverse educational values and uses, it’s clear that the formal bodies of the EC are catching on to what many fans already know; Alice is engaging, unique and has so many applications for so many people.

Many big-name EU and global media companies sponsored the event, including BitKom (Germany), Computerworld (Denmark), LaStampa (Italy), EuropeanVoice,, Dagens Næringsliv (Norway),, M.O. Comunicación (Spain), Auridian Consulting, Simerini/ Sigma Live (Cyprus), plus many others inlcuding Microsoft, Acer, Oracle and Nokia.

The English write up of Alice:
Inanimate Alice

Written by Johanna Snellman

‘Inanimate Alice’ is an entertaining story for young people aged 8 upwards. It is a digital novel – an interactive multimedia fictional tale – told with pictures, music and sound effects. It is a reading-from-the-screen experience for the videogame generation. The story concerns a young girl, Alice, who is growing up to become a character animator and computer game designer. Interspersed with puzzles and little games the series acts as a primer for those who are not proficient at computer games.

The story is written by novelist and digital pioneer Kate Pullinger, the 2009 winner of the Governor General’s Prize for fiction (Canada’s top literary award) and created by renowned digital artist Chris Joseph.

Eventually, there will be 10 episodes following Alice’s life from age 8 traveling the world with her parents through to her mid-twenties and working with the biggest games company in the world. Now four episodes are available on-line. The first 3 episodes are available in French, German, Italian and Spanish in addition to English.

This is a story for young people that transcends national boundaries. Alice is a child of the world, traveling to interesting places and meeting the kind of people that you rarely hear about.

The series demonstrates strong educational attributes and is popular with teachers around the world. The four available episodes provide more than one hour of high-quality material providing a basis for Language, Literacy and ICT education. Education Packs have been created to accompany the series. These are available by registering for free download:

See also ‘iTeach Inanimate Alice

Written by Ian Harper, BradField Company
Inanimate Alice