Today at the EU Commission Building in Brussels at 11:20 GMT marks the launch of the Inanimate Alice Education Portal!

Right now we’re in the throws of conducting a pilot project looking at Inanimate Alice in the classroom. Thanks to a group of teachers we’ll soon be sharing their experiences and feedback here on this blog.

“Today we seem to face a quandary. On the one hand there are anxieties about the reliability of internet sites and concerns of how to educate students to make informed online decisions. On the other hand we have the National Curriculum in England and Media Literacy outcomes in Canada as evidence of the important role technological skills play in all sorts of learning environments. But how can teachers successfully integrate new media literacies into classrooms? I have found Inanimate Alice as an exemplar new media fiction that is easily assimilated into learning environments. With its use of multimodality (images, sounds, text, interaction) students have the opportunity to see storytelling in a new, multisensory light. Being able to interact with the fiction and explore and critique how all the modes interact has given students an opportunity to develop their new literacy skills. As one of my students said after reading Episode 1 for the first time: “Inanimate Alice is a very innovative way of telling as story.” In my teaching experience Inanimate Alice has proven to be an excellent new media fiction which allows students to develop multiple literacies (literary, cinematic, artistic, etc…) in combination with the highly collaborative and participatory nature of the online environment.”

iTeach Inanimate Alice pack - cover

iTeach Inanimate Alice Education Pack

Teachers who are interested in using Inanimate Alice in their classrooms are invited to download an education pack full of lesson plans and student resources. Register here and then download.

Come back soon.